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Trove of letters and other documents


The trove of personal letters, photographs and photograph album, and various other documents have now been delivered to the Special Collections and Archives Department of Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, where they may be viewed by arrangement with that department.

For a few moments, whilst walking to the platform at London Bridge underground after making delivery, I felt a profound sense of loss and a watering of the eyes as I clutched the empty bag in which I had delivered them all to the College. I know however in my heart that they are where they belong; safe and sound and available for anyone to see. This would not be the case if they were still boxed up in the loft of my house.
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Letter from 2nd Lt Farquhar to Mrs Loring 30 October 1915

Obviously from the date of this letter the news of Capt William’s death had not filtered back to the front line.
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Oct 30th 1915

"The Firing Line"

Dear Mrs Loring,

I am writing to say how sorry we all are that your husband was wounded on the night 21st – 22nd. I was not out actually at the time but the other Sub. told me all about it as he helped to get him in. I had a letter from him before he left on the hospital ship & he seemed quite cheery. I do hope you may have him yourself by the time you get this letter. A couple of parcels arrived for him yesterday – one a pair of boots the other a collection of odments [sic] from you. The doctor was having tea with us at the time & under his advice I opened the parcel of odments [sic] & we have taken them for our own use. Just please let us know what they all cost as we shall certainly repay you. The boots I am sending to Hospital in the hope that they may reach him & that he may soon be fit enough to wear them once more. Please tell Capt. Loring that I [?] have got his knife and fork & am taking great care of both & the first opportunity we have that it is a certainty we will post them off to him but parcels ???? a great risk ???? him. Its lovely weather out here now. We are all happy ??? fit. Please tell Capt Loring that the new line is just joined up. [I think this is a reference to a new line of trenches]

Sincerely C W Farquhar 2nd Lt.

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